after going for 2 tests and failed and theory ran out I was on the verge of giving up my old instructor wasn’t teaching me correctly and my confidence was going downhill. In may 2013 I decided to look for another driving instructor I was led to best of Huddersfield and saw Julie and read all her reviews and was liking what I was reading I contacted her and but she was just about to go on a holiday and will be back within 2 weeks and will contact me as soon as Julie got back she did exactly that and lesson was booked. after 1st lesson I couldn’t wait for the next lesson each one after was the exactly the same. I did my 2nd theory test in September 2013 and went to book my 3rd test. Julie taught me everything I needed to inc manoeuvres. IF you are wanting a instructor you can get along with, doesn’t shout,wanting extra boost with your confidence,and making learning to drive fun contact Julie she is calm and patient I have had 3 instructors before julie and julie is the best one i was with julie over 6 months and i managed to pass few days ago 3rd time many thanks julie will miss my weekly lessons but i will recommend you to anyone i come across wanting to learn to drive 🙂