When I first started learning to drive, I was very nervous & terrified of all the cars on the road ;o) Having lived in Ireland most of my life,the roads here were sooo busy&scary compared to the ones back home.I really didn’t want to learn but I knew it was something I had to do-sooner rather than later!From my first lesson with Julie,I knew she was the person that could help me do it!She picked up on my attitude towards driving immediately&without pushing me too hard,she gradually built my confidence&turned me into a careful little driver;o)She was very encouraging, patient&friendly throughout and I would highly recommend her to anybody thinking of learning to drive&who may be very nervous about it,like I was!There were times when I thought I’d never have my little pink driver’s licence but with Julie’s help I got it. . . .in the post today!Everyone can learn to drive a car,it’s just easier&more enjoyable when you have an instructor like Julie to help you;o)Thanks a million xxx Rebecca